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Category: Additives to concrete

Mapeplast N10

Plasticizing admixture for concrete with low slump loss Where to use Its principal uses are for: • ready-mix concrete (especially in hot weather); • pumped concrete; • mass concrete. Consumption Dosage in volume: From 0.2 to 0.5 l per 100 kg of cement. Packaging Mapeplast N10 is available in 200 l drums or in 1,000 l […]

Mapefast CF / L

  Chloride-free anti-freeze admixture to ensure regular setting times of cementitious mortar and concrete at temperatures down to -10°C. Also suitable for pre-compressed concrete. TECHNICAL DATA: Dosage: 1-2 kg every 100 kg of cement. Packaging:  – powder: boxes of 24×1 kg;  – liquid: 6, 12 and 30 kg tanks.

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