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Category: Chemistry

ClorShok CTX-250

A fast-dissolving dichlor in granules, its highly stable properties and a 55% concentration of free chlorine make it suitable for treating pool water. Ideal for: Shock treatments in any type of pool or spa. Added value: Due to its fast-dissolving action in water, the right quantity of residual chlorine is quickly obtained. It is more stable against […]

Spa Anti-Foam CTX-71

Spa Anti-Foam easily disperses foaming on the surface of the water which is often caused by a build-up of soaps, shampoos, detergents or skin treatment products. Instructions Only use when bathing has ceased. With the circulation system running, apply Spa Anti-Foam at a rate of approximately 20ml per square metre of the spa water surface […]

Flocculant in cartridge CTX-43

Description: Product with high coagulation properties. Its use reduces the concentration of suspended particles and makes the water more transparent. CTX-43 in cartridge form floccules in the inlet filter. These particles are retained on the filter surface and is easily washed by backwashing. Dosage: Pool of 10 to 50 m³: 1 cartridge every 10 days; […]

For hygienic water treatment Bromo CTX-130

  Description: PT-130 is based on organic matter on the basis of bromine and chlorine will ensure hygienic cleaning water. The main active ingredients are bromine, chlorine and dimetalidantoin. When dissolved CTX-130 in water and forms hypochlorous acid gipobromistaya. Gipobromistaya acid kills bacteria, algae and dirt, and hypochlorous is a reducing agent for bromide. A […]

Flocculant in tablets CTX-42

  Description: Polymer with high flocculation and coagulation properties. Capable of removing particles in suspension in the water basin. CTX-42 forming floccules at the inlet of the filter. These floccules retained on the filter loading Dosage: Pool of 10 to 50 cubic meters: 1 tablet every 10 days; Pool of 50 to 100 cubic meters […]

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