Category: Chemistry

ClorShok CTX-250

A fast-dissolving dichlor in granules, its highly stable properties and a 55% concentration of free chlorine make it suitable for treating pool water. Ideal for: Shock treatments in any type of pool or spa. Added value: Due to its fast-dissolving action in water, the right quantity of residual chlorine is quickly obtained. It is more stable against […]

Spa Anti-Foam CTX-71

Spa Anti-Foam easily disperses foaming on the surface of the water which is often caused by a build-up of soaps, shampoos, detergents or skin treatment products. Instructions Only use when bathing has ceased. With the circulation system running, apply Spa Anti-Foam at a rate of approximately 20ml per square metre of the spa water surface […]

Tester for measuring Chlorine / pH

Tester for determining parameters Chlorine and pH indicator via tablets. For pool water is considered optimal pH in the range 7.2 – 7.4. At higher pH levels, lime precipitation, the water takes on an unpleasant smell, can cause irritation of the eyes and skin of swimmers. If the pH is lowered, the metal parts of […]

Flocculant in cartridge CTX-43

Description: Product with high coagulation properties. Its use reduces the concentration of suspended particles and makes the water more transparent. CTX-43 in cartridge form floccules in the inlet filter. These particles are retained on the filter surface and is easily washed by backwashing. Dosage: Pool of 10 to 50 m³: 1 cartridge every 10 days; […]

For hygienic water treatment Bromo CTX-130

  Description: PT-130 is based on organic matter on the basis of bromine and chlorine will ensure hygienic cleaning water. The main active ingredients are bromine, chlorine and dimetalidantoin. When dissolved CTX-130 in water and forms hypochlorous acid gipobromistaya. Gipobromistaya acid kills bacteria, algae and dirt, and hypochlorous is a reducing agent for bromide. A […]