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Category: Pool cleaner & accessories

Robot vacuum cleaner Dolphin Supreme M5

The Dolphin Supreme M5 enables you to maximize your pool enjoyment – thanks to remote-controlled setup and cleaning programs that deliver maximum cleanliness and hygiene. Designed for pools up to 15m (50ft) in length, the Supreme M5 expertly cleans the floor, walls, and waterline, without intervention. Brushes, scrubs, vacuums, and filters the entire pool including […]

Robot vacuum cleaner Dolphin Supreme M3

Dolphin Supreme M3 is the ideal robotic pool cleaner for pools up to 10m (33ft) in length. With minimum investment, you can enjoy total pool floor cleaning, including the difficult-to-reach angle where the floor meets the walls. Brushes, Scrubs and Filters. Efficient scanning and cleaning performance. Self contained filter bag or cartridge, collects dirt and […]

Robot vacuum cleaner Dolphin Wave 100

The Dolphin Wave 100 (Israel) is a true workhorse. For pools up to 25m (82ft), this heavy-duty automatic pool cleaner thoroughly cleans the floor, walls and water line and leaves the water sparkling clean. Cable length: 30m (98ft) (100ft) Total pool cleaning – Unique gyroscopic system delivers accurate and effective scanning for systematic cleaning along […]

Robot vacuum cleaner MAX 3

Robot Pool Cleaners make perfect sense in today’s energy efficient world. The MAX+ series pool cleaner is the latest revolution in cleaning technology. 4WD propulsion ensures the cleaner navigates the most difficult pools, while the high speed brush scrubs the pool surface. The top access self contained inbuilt filters collect large debris and reduces the load on your conventional filter, decreasing backwash […]

Manual vacuum cleaner

Vacuum manual type – the most simple and cheap members of the family of underwater vacuum cleaners. These features allow you to quickly and easily clean up the mess in the pool small volume (inflatable or wireframe), Jacuzzi or hot tub. When this quality is subjected to cleaning, not only the bottom and the level […]

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