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Category: Care Pool

Connecting a vacuum cleaner to the skimmer

The vacuum cleaner is designed to mechanical cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool. There are basically two types of vacuum connections – to the skimmer or via water intake nozzle adapter. Consider the most popular way to connect – to the skimmer. Vacuuming when connected to a skimmer A hose is connected from […]

Tester for measuring Chlorine / pH

Tester for determining parameters Chlorine and pH indicator via tablets. For pool water is considered optimal pH in the range 7.2 – 7.4. At higher pH levels, lime precipitation, the water takes on an unpleasant smell, can cause irritation of the eyes and skin of swimmers. If the pH is lowered, the metal parts of […]

Float dozator

Floating dispenser, to solid chemicals such as chlorine tablets. It has an adjustable opening for dispensing chemical agent. The pool water – an environment favorable for the reproduction and growth of various algae and micro-organisms. If you do not follow her, then after a few days you are more likely instead crystal blue coats may […]

First start the pool (outdoor)

New swimming pool start up Commissioning a newly-filled pool or starting in the spring When starting in the spring, re-install pool components removed for the winter, close drain valves and refit drain plugs. Fill the pool until the water level is in the centre of the skimmer opening. Fill the filter basket housing on the […]

Preserving for the winter

What should be done: 1. Canned pool before the first serious frost. 2. Do not leave the pool for the winter empty. 3. Before re bay water to thoroughly clean the bottom and walls of the pool. 4. Remember that cleaners for walls and bottom – it’s usually pretty harsh chemicals, so the process should […]

Care water in the pool

Instructions for the care of the water in the pool 1. First of all, we recommend you use the tester – the instrument to determine the pH and residual chlorine in the water. It is worth noting that the testers are tablet, drip and litmus. Thus, you can determine the Number of products that will […]

Cleaning the filter

Approximately every 5-10 days, or if the pressure gauge on the discharge side of the filter shows an increase in pressure of about 0.2 bar (20 kPa) compared with previous readings after washing, the filter must be washed according to the following scheme: Modes backwash valve 1. Stop the pump. 2. Close the valve on […]

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