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Mapeair Zero air-detraining admixture for concrete

Добавка для улучшения лицевой поверхности бетона Mapeair Zero


Mapeair Zero is a liquid admixture made from modified polysiloxanes. When added to any type of concrete mix it reduces the formation of pinholes, bubbles and air pockets that form during the mixing and application phases.
The de-aerating effect of Mapeair Zero increases the density of concrete, leading to higher compressive strength, lower porosity and permeability and, therefore, improved durability. By eliminating the excess air bubbles, the overall appearance of exposed concrete is improved and the surface of poured concrete is more compact and even.
Mapeair Zero may be used in both ready-mixed concrete and in concrete to make prefabricated members and elements. It also gives good results when used to make self-compacting concrete and in the production of mortar.

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