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Tester for measuring Chlorine / pH

Tester for determining parameters Chlorine and pH indicator via tablets.

For pool water is considered optimal pH in the range 7.2 – 7.4.
At higher pH levels, lime precipitation, the water takes on an unpleasant smell, can cause irritation of the eyes and skin of swimmers. If the pH is lowered, the metal parts of the basin threatens to corrosion and materials and seams tiling – destruction.
It is important to remember that at pH = 7.0 with chlorine disinfection efficiency 3 times higher than at pH 8.0.
After filling the basin with water, first of all, it is necessary to measure and adjust the pH.

Directions for use DPD test to determine the concentration of free chlorine concentration and pH.
1. remove the lid and rinse the device.
2. Fill the cell to the upper mark of water samples from the pool (the distance from the edge of the pool is about 50 cm, about 5 cm depth).
3. One tablet DPD №1 put in a cell for chlorine; one tablet FENOLRED – pH in the cell.
4. Put on the lid and gently shake the device until the tablets dissolve completely.
5. Compare the color with the color compartment and take readings (white background).
6. The device is washed and stored in a box.

Important notes:
– Hands touch tablet reagents leads to a distortion of the measurement results.
– Readings should take place immediately after the dissolution of the reagent tablets in water.
– After each measuring chamber of the tester and the lid should be thoroughly rinsed with water to avoid errors in the readings.
– If the concentration of free chlorine of more than 10 mg / l may occur discoloration color indicator (when the bromine concentration of over 20 mg / l may occur discoloration color indicator).

Tester for measuring Chlorine / pH Aquatus Tester for measuring Chlorine / pH Aquatus


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