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Care water in the pool

Instructions for the care of the water in the pool

1. First of all, we recommend you use the tester – the instrument to determine the pH and residual chlorine in the water. It is worth noting that the testers are tablet, drip and litmus. Thus, you can determine the Number of products that will need to apply for further treatment of the pool water. All products are placed in the skimmer or in a special tank. Dosage is described in the instructions supplied with the drugs.

2. If the pH level in the water increased, you should immediately reduce it, because the high alkalinity of the water promotes the growth of blue-green algae. Urgent add funds to lower the pH (“pH-minus”). The pH you want to align to the mark of 7.0.

3. After 20 minutes after the drug “pH-minus”, add a means of “shock” chlorination – instant chlorine-containing drug. It can be made as tablets and in the form of pellets or liquid. This preparation allows you to quickly clear the water in the pool.

4. Simultaneously with the addition of chlorine-containing products, recommend the use of a means of preventing the growth of algae in the water and on the walls of the pool – algaecide.

5. The filtration unit should be set for continuous operation – to clear the water in the pool. Produce “reverse” washing sand filter – once a day. After a day or two of water can change its color from green to become the color of milk. We’ll have to use the tester again and repeat the procedure, but without the use of an algaecide.

6. If the water is transparent, but it will be observed suspension (grains), wait a day – they can get away through the filtration system. If the suspension will not go away, we recommend to use the drug – coagulant.

7. After applying the coagulant should disable filtering system for one day. Under the influence of the drug slurry and bind into flakes settle to the bottom of the pool.

8. After the water became transparent, it should be to wash the filter and use a vacuum cleaner bottom.

9. After cleaning the pool, be sure to rinse the filter again and measure performance tester water. The normal pH of 7.0 – 7.4; and the level of chlorine, according to the norms of sanitary services 0.3 – 0.6 mg.

10. During the operation of the pool once a week should be introduced slowly dissolve chloro-containing preparation.

Уход за водой в бассейне

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