Mapei Russian Federation Aquatus

Founded in 1937 in Milan, to date, the MAPEI Group is a world leader in the production of adhesives and construction chemicals. Currently the Group has 70 subsidiaries and 64 plants in 31 countries on 5 continents.
On our site the company MAPEI products presented in the form of a systematic catalog of directions. Each unit has its own detailed description of its specifications and instructions for use.

BIO_UV Aquatus   Certikin Aquatus

Leading French manufacturer of ultraviolet water treatment equipment and European leader in the field of private and collective swimming pool and spa market.Our job: water treatment without the use of chemical produktov.BIO-UV was founded in May 2000.


The company Certikin Iberica unites experience of thirty-five CTX – a leader among manufacturers of water treatment basin and the huge expertise of the company Certikin, as the market leader in the production of equipment for the pool.

Coraplax Aquatus   CTX Aquatus

Coraplax – an international company of Spanish origin, which manufactures valves and equipment for the pipes, in particular, water supply, PVC. The company produces more than 1000 kinds of products. The production area covers 8000 sq.m. The company’s policy is different maturity and stability.


The company Certikin Iberica branded CTX at its own factories producing a wide range of drugs for the treatment of water of any pool and controls the entire production process at each of the stages of production, which allows us to offer chemicals CTX of the highest quality.

 COTTO Aquatus    Flexinox Aquatus

One of the oldest types of ceramic tiles is the so-called cotto. It is also known as the “Tuscan cotto” or “Cotto Fiorentino” and appeared more than four hundred years ago in the Italian province of the same name, as a kind of ancestor of modern ceramic tiles.


Flexinox – a division of the Flexinox-Flexinox SA The company is engaged in production of products and accessories for pools. Flexinox sells its products through authorized distributors in more than 50 countries.

Harvia Aquatus

   IML Aquatus

Harvia – Finnish sauna. Harvia is a family company operating in Muurame, located in central Finland. The company has a AAA rating of the highest category in the classification of the creditworthiness of companies Finland Dun & Bradstreet. Now the company employs 300 people Harvia.


IML – a Spanish company engaged in the manufacture of pumps and accessories for swimming pools. Consistently high quality of production and the introduction of its innovative developments made IML one of the most respected manufacturers in this market segment.

Pahlen Aquatus    Renolit Aquatus

Pahlén – Swedish company with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of products for swimming pools of the highest quality. We offer products for both private and for public pools. Our equipment is made of bronze, acid-proof stainless steel, titanium and thermoplastic materials of the highest quality, which guarantee strength and durability.


Renolit Alkorplan offers you a range of high quality products for prefabricated pools liners.

The entire range of Renolit Alkorplan housings meets the specifications of the French norm NFT 54-803-1.

Astral Fluidra Group Aquatus    Adfors-Saint-Gobain AquatusVertex Aquatus

JSC “Astral” is part of a multi-functional Spanish corporation Fluidra, whose activities are focused on creating solutions for the optimal use of water resources. Fluidra has more than 20 production sites (in Spain, the USA, France, Australia and other countries), about 150 of its own offices in 41 countries


 The world leader in the manufacture and sale of building materials Saint-Gobain ADFORS provides a wide range of glass mesh material – mesh Vertex. Traditionally, grid VERTEX® used as external insulation composite systems (ETICS).