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Viscofluid SCC viscosity modifying admixture for self-compacting concrete


Viscofluid SCC/10 is a very important component for the production of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC), with high stability and absence of segregation and bleeding. Viscofluid SCC/10 does not alter the high deformability obtained by adding admixtures from the Dynamon range and at the same time ensures an increase in concrete cohesion and homogeneity which has practically […]

Mapeair Zero air-detraining admixture for concrete


Mapeair Zero is a liquid admixture made from modified polysiloxanes. When added to any type of concrete mix it reduces the formation of pinholes, bubbles and air pockets that form during the mixing and application phases.   The de-aerating effect of Mapeair Zero increases the density of concrete, leading to higher compressive strength, lower porosity and permeability and, therefore, improved durability. […]

Mapefibre NS18 polypropylene fibres


Mapefibre NS18 polypropylene fibres – Virgin, mono-filament polypropylene fibres for mortar and concrete, available in diameters of 18 mm. TECHNICAL DATA: Dosage: 0.4-0.8 kg m³ of concrete or mortar. Packaging: boxes of 30×0.6 kg each.   Download PDF

Mapeplast N10

Mapeplast N10 Plasticizing admixture for concrete with low slump loss Where to use Its principal uses are for: • ready-mix concrete (especially in hot weather); • pumped concrete; • mass concrete. Consumption Dosage in volume: From 0.2 to 0.5 l per 100 kg of cement. Packaging Mapeplast N10 is available in 200 l drums or […]