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Waterproofing Mapei

Waterproof Mapelastic AquaDefense


Mapelastic AquaDefense is easy to apply using a long-haired roller, brush or trowel on horizontal, sloping and vertical surfaces. Mapelastic AquaDefense dries very quickly to form a flexible membrane without a sticky surface. It is resistant to light pedestrian traffic after just 3 hours and forms an excellent grip with all types of adhesive for […]

Idroprimer primer


IDROPRIMER is a quick drying bituminous water based primer containing selected bitumen. Compared to the common solvents- based primers, IDROPRIMER has the advantage of being not flammable and odorless. IDROPRIMER is a very fluid product with excellent adhesive properties on all supports.   Download PDF

Polysint sun reflect high reflectance


POLYSINT SUN REFLECT is a liquid waterproofing water-based membrane, with fibres in white colour at high solar reflectance and thermal emissivity with solar reflectance index (SRI) 105 which offers to all the surfaces a protection against damages caused by the atmospheric agents.   Download PDF

Polysint Liquid Membranes


It is a liquid waterproofing elastomeric protective water based membrane made of acrylic copolymers. POLYSINT reduces concrete carbonatation. After drying it forms a flexible and strong film which adheres perfectly to the surface on which it has been applied. It is resistant to the atmospheric agents and to possible small cracks on the support.     Download […]