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Primers Mapei

Primer MF


Primer MF Two-component solvent-free epoxy primer to be used as an adhesion promoter for products from the Mapefloor range and to consolidate and waterproof cementitious substrates. Where to use: – Consolidating compound by impregnation of cementitious screeds, also radiant heated screeds, and unsound anhydrite screeds. – Consolidating impregnation with anti-dust effect of concrete floors in […]

Mapeprim SP


MAPEPRIM SP can be applied with a brush, roller, rubber float, or smooth trowel in an amount varying from 100 to 200 g/m2, according to the degree of absorption and texture of the substrate. To improve workability, MAPEPRIM SP can be diluted with approx. 5-10% water. Before subsequent application of a smoothing compound or mortar, the […]



Water-based, solvent-free consolidator with high penetration properties for cementitious substrates. TECHNICAL DATA: Consistency: liquid. Colour: transparent. Drying time: according to the absorbency of the substrate. Storage: 24 months. Protect from frost. Application: brush, flat brush or roller Consumption: 0.5-0.7 kg/m². Packaging: 25 kg tanks.    Download PDF

Primer SN


Two-component epoxy primer with fillers.May be coloured with MAPECOLOR PASTE. TECHNICAL DATA: Mixing ratio: component A : component B = 80 : 20. Colour of mix: neutral. Consistency of the mix: dense fluid. Density of mix (kg/m³): 1500. Viscosity of the mix (mPa•s): 1,200. Pot life: 30 min. Application temperature range: from +8°C to +35°C. […]