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Multiprofile floors Mapei

Mapecrete LI Hardener


Mapecrete LI Hardener is a water solution of modified lithium silicates for treating the surface of cementitious substrates. It penetrates into the porosity and chemically reacts with the free lime in the cementitious substrate to form a dense microstructure which is chemically durable and resistant to abrasion. After polishing, floors treated with Mapecrete LI Hardener, […]

Ultratop Living


Ultratop Living – Self-levelling, ultra-quick setting mortar with special hydraulic binders, applied at a thickness between 5 and 15 mm to create abrasion-resistant internal floors TECHNICAL DATA: Colour: white, light grey, anthracite and natural. Mixing ratio: 19-21 parts of water per 100 parts in weight of ULTRATOP LIVING. Applicable thickness: from 5 to 15 mm. […]

Mapefloor Finish 53 W/L


Mapefloor Finish 53 W/L – Two-component, aliphatic, transparent, shiny polyurethane finish in water dispersion with no NMP for protecting resin systems. TECHNICAL DATA: Mixing ratio: comp. A : comp. B = 10 : 1. Colour of mix: transparent. Consistency of mix: fluid. Workability time: 15-20 minutes at +23°C. Varnishing: from 3 to 5 hours. Sanding: […]

Ultratop Loft F, W coating with textural effect of “loft” type


Mapei has launched Ultratop Loft F and Ultratop Loft W, a highly decorative cementitious product that can be used on walls, floors, staircases and ramps to complement its existing Ultratop range of products. Ultratop Loft F and Ultratop Loft W are one-component, trowellable, cementitious products available in two different aggregate sizes; either coarse (Ultratop Loft […]