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Robot vacuum cleaner Dolphin Supreme M5

The Dolphin Supreme M5 enables you to maximize your pool enjoyment – thanks to remote-controlled setup and cleaning programs that deliver maximum cleanliness and hygiene. Designed for pools up to 15m (50ft) in length, the Supreme M5 expertly cleans the floor, walls, and waterline, without intervention. Brushes, scrubs, vacuums, and filters the entire pool including […]

Robot vacuum cleaner Dolphin Supreme M3

Dolphin Supreme M3 is the ideal robotic pool cleaner for pools up to 10m (33ft) in length. With minimum investment, you can enjoy total pool floor cleaning, including the difficult-to-reach angle where the floor meets the walls. Brushes, Scrubs and Filters. Efficient scanning and cleaning performance. Self contained filter bag or cartridge, collects dirt and […]