Astral Victoria Plus pump

Astral Victoria Plus pump for swimming pool.

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– New Prefilter cover: Victoria Plus has a new prefilter cover fully compatible with the Victoria’s and Sprint’s prefilter cover. The new design of this prefilter cover unifies the image of the Columbia, the Sena and Victoria Plus series. 
– Pump base: · The pump base has been merged between the Sprint and Victoria series, focused on a motor size criterion: 
-The pump base for frames 63 & 71, related to power rates till 1 HP, comes from the Sprint series. The pump base for frames 80 & 90, related to power rates till 3 HP, comes from the Victoria series. This merge has been introduced with the aim of providing better pump and motor support when it is required, just introducing a small base when dealing with small motor frames and a largest base for the biggest motor frames. GENERAL FEATURES: The technical features such as general dimensions, hydraulics, electrical features, etc… are the same as the Astral Sprint and Astral Victoria series.