Mapefill is a pre-blended powdered grout composed of high strength cement, graded aggregates and special admixtures with an expansive agent formulated by the MAPEI research laboratories.

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Mapefill when mixed with water is transformed into a fluid grout without segregation that is able to fill intricate spaces. Mapefill, due to its expansive agent, is characterized by a total absence of shrinkage in its plastic phase (ASTM norm 827) and its hardened phase (UNI norm 8147) and develops very high early flexural and compressive strength.

For precision anchoring of machinery and metallic structures.
Some application examples
• Anchoring machine tools by casting below the
machine base.
• Anchorage structural steel work.
• Filling rigid joints between elements in concrete and precast concrete structures.
• Installations below wall level, etc.

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