To illuminate the swimming pool water using special spotlights. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they work from 12 V to low voltage transformers are used, which convert 220V to 12V.

Lighting-pool from Aquatus

By type of mounting fixtures are divided into: recessed, overhead and hanging. Recessed spotlights are the most popular because they are installed in the bowl on the mortgage pool construction phase and have virtually no protruding parts in the pool. Overhead projectors mounted and used in the following cases: inability to install recessed lighting fixtures, made in the pool finish and embedded projectors not provided. Also, this type of lighting is used in the frame pools.

By types of light sources are divided into the spotlights: Halogen, LED and incandescent spotlights.

Depending on the type of finish basin can be divided into two groups: “a film” or “under tiles / mosaics.” Fixtures for liner pools are distinguished by the pressure and flange gaskets.

The power and the number of spotlights with incandescent or halogen lamps is chosen from the condition: 15-25Vt per square meter of surface. For LED spotlights a similar formula for calculating lead difficult because at the same power consumption, they differ greatly in the strength of the light flux.

Positioning spotlights stands along the long side, at a depth of 50-60 cm from the surface of the water. If the width of the pool exceeds 6 meters, floodlights should be located on opposite sides in a staggered or opposite each other.

Firm “Aquatus” offers you to highlight your pool following types of lamps and accessories.
Floodlight 300W
Powerful underwater spotlights with incandescent PAR 56 standard used as the main lighting of the pool. In general, such embedded projectors are available, but there are few external models. Angle light scattering in this type of lamps is about 100 degrees.

Turning without immersion in water is strictly forbidden!

LED Floodlight
LED floodlights, compared with other types of projectors consume 5 – 10 times less power. High-quality LED spotlight, unlike halogen floodlights or spotlights with incandescent lamps, no lamp replacement needed.
LED spotlights are both one-color and multi-color. Multi-color LED light allows you to change colors with the switch or the remote control.

Step-down transformer 220 / 12B designed to power lights. They are selected in such a way that the power transformer has been greater than or equal to the power consumers connected to it.

Lamps for projectors
Replacement bulbs for incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and LED spotlights with lamps standard PAR56.