Mapegrout Thixotropic

Mapegrout Thixotropic is a shrinkage compensated, fibre-reinforced thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete, the repair of corners, beams, columns and balconies damaged by rusted reinforcing rods. Due to its high mechanical strength can be used for structural repairs.

Безусадочная быстротвердеющая смесь Mapegrout Thixotropic

Mapegrout Thixotropic is a ready-mixed powder mortar composed of high-strength cements, selected aggregates, special additives and synthetic fibres prepared according to a formula developed in the MAPEI research laboratories. When mixed with water, Mapegrout Thixotropic becomes an easily workable mortar with such high thixotropic properties that can be applied on vertical surfaces without sagging even in great thicknesses and with no need for formwork. If Mapegrout Thixotropic is prepared by only adding water, it must be cured under damp conditions in order to guarantee that the product’s expansive properties develop completely and correctly. Once hardened, Mapegrout Thixotropic has the following properties:

  • Very high flexural and compressive strength.

  • Modulus of elasticity, coefficient of thermal expansion and permeability to water vapour similar to those of high quality concrete

  • Has high adhesion to old concrete, provided it has been soaked with water beforehand, and also to reinforcing rods, especially if they have been treated with Mapefer or Mapefer 1K.

  • High resistance to abrasion.


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