Pool shell equipments elements pool filtration systems are functional units, which filtration system, provide proper circulation of the pool water. They are mounted in the pool wall at the stage of pouring concrete bowl.

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Pool shell equipments elements – these are elements that are installed in the pool basin and provides the functions of a fence-return water in the filter and piping materials provides waterproofing of the pool. Pool shell equipments elements are made of plastic and stainless steel. Of course, stainless steel products have a longer life and are more expensive, but there is a perception that this is a waste of money.
Depending on the application, embedded elements can vary the shape and appearance. In fact, they can be divided into two groups – these are elements of water treatment systems (water supply nozzles, drain, skimmer) and mortgages rides for the swimming pool.

Elements of water treatment – an integral part of each basin, while the attraction – a nice addition.


The skimmer is a device for collecting water from its upper layers. Using a skimmer is a constant water intake to the filter along with all waste, which is on the surface. As a rule, the pool is set a few skimmers.

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The overflow skimmer tray is large, which allows you to filter large volumes of water. It is realized by means of channels and closed bars located around the perimeter of the pool. Overflow tray allows you to filter the water throughout the basin.

Переливной лоток

Переливной лоток

The nozzle skimmer performs the opposite action – it returns the treated water back into the pool. The size and number of nozzles also depend on the dimensions of the pool.

This element is used to drain the water in the pool fence and its filtration. There is a stereotype that sink performs the same function as the drain hole in the bathroom, but it’s not – it’s not connected to sewers, and a filter attached to the principal. Using the bottom drain allows you to take to filter the water with waste, which sank to the bottom, and just as quickly drained from the pool at all.


The hinged skimmer – a filter for collecting debris from the pool surface. It is made of durable plastic and is a special funnel with a grid, which collects a variety of mechanical impurities. This in turn helps to take away the water main filter already cleared of large debris. The skimmer is attached to the edge of the pool with the help of a special bracket. At the same time it is easy to assemble and clean.

Навесной скиммер

Skimmer – filter for the automatic collection of garbage from the water surface.
– Designed for primary filtration of water flowing into the filter pump.
– It is a funnel with a mesh that holds the mechanical impurities, allowing the filter pump draws cleared of large debris water.
– Made of durable polypropylene plastic.
– Mounted on an adjustable bracket to the board.
– Easy to assemble and clean.