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  • Mapeprim SP two-component primer

    Mapeprim SP

    MAPEPRIM SP can be applied with a brush, roller, rubber float, or smooth trowel in an amount varying from 100 to 200 g/m2, according to the degree of absorption and texture of the substrate.

  • Two-component epoxy primer Primer EP

    Primer EP

    Primer EP two-component epoxy primer in solvents for consolidating and waterproofing cementitious screeds and industrial floors.

  • Liquid for priming of bases Primer G

    Primer G

    Primer G synthetic resin primer in water dispersion with a very low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

  • Epoxy Primer MF

    Primer MF

    Primer MF Two-component solvent-free epoxy primer to be used as an adhesion promoter for products from the Mapefloor range and to consolidate and waterproof cementitious substrates.

  • Two-component epoxy Primer SN

    Primer SN

    Primer SN two-component epoxy primer with fillers.May be coloured with MAPECOLOR PASTE.

  • Primer for hardening cement screeds Prosfas


    Prosfas water-based, solvent-free consolidator with high penetration properties for cementitious substrates.