Solar heat-coating or film, also known as saving or energy-saving cover. Due to the affordable prices of this type of coverings become indispensable for most swimming pools. Solar cover is designed primarily for outdoor pools where used to partially heat the pool water by solar energy. The indoor swimming pool solar film not covered pollutants that lead to algal blooms, and it saves on chemicals for water maintenance. Using heat saving coating, you significantly reduce the time needed to care for the pool. With a variety of benefits solar film is absolutely worth their cost price in 12 months. Solar film is ideal for all types of pools (concrete, foil, fiberglass, polypropylene, etc.).

Why should heat saving pool cover?

1. heat-saving coating (solar film) prevents the decrease in temperature of the pool water, so you reduce your water heating costs (electricity, gas) and extends the service life of pool equipment (pumps, heat exchangers, electric heaters). In addition the coating will extend the swimming season for the pool located on the street.
2. Swimming pool covered with solar film, practically evaporates water – no need for refilling of water, respectively, reduces the consumption of chemicals for the pool. In some cases, pools are indoors use of heat-saving coating allows to solve the problem of high humidity without the use of relatively expensive dehumidifiers.
3. Solar film prevents the pool water for various debris and foreign objects – less time cleaning the pool.

Solar film size – 5×50 and 6×50 meter.
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