Ultratop Loft F, W coating with textural effect of “loft” type

Mapei has launched Ultratop Loft F and Ultratop Loft W, a highly decorative cementitious product that can be used on walls, floors, staircases and ramps to complement its existing Ultratop range of products. Ultratop Loft F and Ultratop Loft W are one-component, trowellable, cementitious products available in two different aggregate sizes; either coarse (Ultratop Loft F) or fine (Ultratop Loft W) offering two different appearances depending on the ultimate finish required.

Покрытие с текстурным эффектом типа «лофт» Ultratop loft F, W

Both products are ideal for creating aesthetically pleasing and original floors and walls, with a classic trowelled or mottled effect. The product can be used in both new build or refurbishment projects and helps to produce a variety of contemporary stylish walls and floors, ideal for creating a distinctive designer appeal.


Ultratop Loft F eng

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Ultratop Loft W eng

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