Viscofluid SCC viscosity modifying admixture for self-compacting concrete

Viscofluid SCC/10 is a very important component for the production of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC), with high stability and absence of segregation and bleeding. Viscofluid SCC/10 does not alter the high deformability obtained by adding admixtures from the Dynamon range and at the same time ensures an increase in concrete cohesion and homogeneity which has practically no segregation.

Viscofluid SCC модификатор вязкости

The increase of cohesion of the mixtures is provided by the special characteristics of the organic polymer Viscofluid SCC/10 is made of. The hydrophilic groups interact with water increasing the steric hindrance of the polymer. This reaction modifies
the rheology of the concrete and the fact that mixtures are more stable and homogeneous in self-compacting concrete.


Viscofluid SCC eng

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